I was born in Washington DC., and have lived in the Metro area continually since then. Both parents were singers; Mom was a semi-pro, singing mostly weddings and church gigs. I grew up listening to all kinds of music, and incorporate these many influences into my current style. Having done a lot of choral singing, and group sings around the campfire in Girl Scouts, I learned to love harmonies. After graduating from GMU, I studied with Joy Bosfield, who was a friend of Roberta Flack's and shared her vocal coach. I started performing in local piano bars and restaurants.


My most challenging singing gigs were the singing telegrams I did for 13 years. I had to sometimes come up with the lyrics and sing them with about 30 minutes notice. These experiences enabled me to learn to think on my feet and come up with some great one-liners. I also did several characters, such as: Mae West, Dolly Parton, and others too numerous to list. I performed for several celebrities during my stint as a telegram performer: Marion Barry, Senator Claude Pepper, Sugar Ray Leonard. Glenn Brenner, David Brinkley, Harden and Weaver, Trumbull and Core, Mike O'Meara, Joe Jacoby, Joe Gibbs' wife, etc.

Having developed a love for jazz early on, ( I was in a jazz choral group and dated several trumpet players in High School), I decided that eventually, I would sing jazz. I like the freedom one has to experiment with the melody and be creative with the chord changes. I try to connect with my audience and give them some of the love I have received in my life. It makes the whole experience richer when I do that. Performances include: The opening of the DC. Convention Center, on the Spirit of Washington, Odessey and Dandy cruise ships, on the Presidential Yacht, the Sequoia, also, The FishMarket, Flaming Pit, Pistone's Piano Bars, and the many various hotels, country clubs, and night clubs in the area.

Currently, the trio performs at Ft. Myer Officer's Club as a steady gig. The trio is called Angel and Aces because my husband, Tom, says I sing "like an angel." .